Our Vision

Navigating this turbulent ocean of dynamic weather and waves, we can lose track of where and we are.

We can easily become lost.

We are far off the edge of the map.

A time of transition calls for the ancient knowledge of wayfinding: the art of awareness, inner wisdom and active attention.

Whether we are facing health challenges, fear for our vocations, a shift in our relationships, the process of aging, or in rediscovering our identity.

We can join others to gain enhanced navigational skills.

We can find our way to journey toward wholeness and authentic living in the midst of ambiguity and complexity.

In this Circle of Trust free offering, a safe and quiet space, nest is provided by intentional small group practices of deep listening, evocative imagery, poetry, music, and by the art of giving and receiving open questions.

These practices are some of the principles of navigating mastery to the lands of “Conscious GEM 💎 

Our journey

just started…