On June 16th 2020 the 1st Conscious Gems incubator was starting!

7 brave souls (Marco, Aliki, Julian, Mogens, Louise, Isak and Immane) decided to dedicate their full time into the constellation, setting the vibration for new ways of living together.


Hopes, dreams, fears and expectations are all brought into Gite Pourpre, a beautiful house made by hand and natural materials in South West France. In no more than 1 week time we had already set the first two principles of our conscious community: love and care. No, there was no need to discuss them! Each one was practicing them in every opportunity, constantly moving from the “I” to the “we”. With intention and action.

In all gardens there is a rose with more thorns. All projects are made from human beings. Beings that carry stories, entire worlds! One of them became deeper, more difficult to handle, more personal. It was the time for letting go. When you are 7 and you have to let go of 1 member it is not easy. It was definitely a lesson for all of us. Who would have predicted what the end of the circle would be…?!


Step 2 was the challenge to organize the PDC (Permaculture Design Course) in the middle of the covid restrictions (real and imaginary) and with extremely limited resources and time. We had one thing though: the fire to learn and the faith that we can make it. So it happened!

Only two weeks later we found ourselves moving into the farm “La belle bio de Moncrabeau”, of a beautiful lady who left her previous corporate life to step into a new chapter in connection with the Earth. A true blessing!


Living in a farm is an unexpected experience. You find yourself waking up at 6am to see the sunrise because it is simply too beautiful to miss and never stop until the stars are shining above you. The things to be done are endless and this is exactly the lesson. How to navigate between responsibilities and freedom? How to take care of yourself and the land? How to connect through real life action?


Reforming the wooden barn into our shared bedroom, creating a fully functional kitchen from scratch and the best outdoors shower was our practice for the first week. What a practice! Navigating through emotions, tiredness, mirroring the others and getting mirrored to your personal shadows. All at the same time! It is called an incubator cause you are seeing yourself.

Constantly being asked to shift your patterns and move from the mind to the heart to resolve conflicting situations.

Constantly evolving!

Constantly learning who you are!

Constantly connecting and unlearning!

Constantly leaving behind what doesn’t serve anymore!



The PDC course started a Sunday in the evening. 12 participants. 2 cooks. 1 facilitator (what a facilitator Mauricio is!!)

If only we knew that we would never be the same again after the completion of the 16 days…

Permaculture is not about agriculture… I hope you know, cause I didn’t!


It is a whole system for regeneration. Regeneration of our fields, our lives, our minds, our businesses, our world. The key we have been missing to finally understand “What is wrong with this world?” The key was transmitted through a perfectly orchestrated dance of information, interaction, social tools, design thinking techniques, connection and dissolution.

When it finished there was no teacher and students anymore, only 12 people living in harmony in a beautiful farm in South West France! Have they been difficult moments? Innumerous! Could it be different? Absolutely not!



The last circle of the journey though held the bigger surprise from all…

Having stepped into traditional consumer patterns during the first month and having to let go of our 1 member brought us into a very difficult financial situation that had to be solved.

The proposal was to dissolve the conflict according to what we learned throughout the course. Nobody was sure this was possible. Then magic happened!


One member after the other started placing smaller or bigger amounts of money into the center of the circle for the dissolution of the conflict. We managed to move from 1’500euros debt to breaking even and even then everybody continued investing this time for the future of our tentative, called Conscious Gems!

There are these moments that repair my trust in humanity. Deep healing moments in subjects we are all reluctant to touch like finances.  A deep understanding that we are more than our limitations. That there are spaces in our hearts that can alchemize even the trickiest of the situations and that when we want, magic does happen!

The rest is… the future!


One song is following us to our next steps. It is called the Warrior of Love from the ethereal being called Aurora.

I fall asleep in my own tears

I cry for the the world, for everyone

And I build a boat to float in

I’m floating away

I can’t recall last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful

And I built a cage to hide in

I’m hiding, I’m trying to battle the night

Let love conquer your mind

Warrior, warrior

Just reach out for the light

Warrior, warrior

I am a warrior

Warrior, warrior

I am a warrior

Warrior, warrior of love

I stand behind the wall of people and thoughts, mind controlling

And I hold a sword to guide me

I’m fighting my way

I can’t recall the last time I opened my eyes to see the world as beautiful

And I built a cage to hide in

I’m hiding, I’m trying to battle the night

Let love conquer your mind

Warrior, warrior

Just reach out for the light…



The Conscious Gems vision is deeply connected to the healing of humanity through real life conditions. Following the human activation system of the 7 chakras we couldn’t have started anywhere else than in the 1st chakra, the root. Air, water, food, shelter and sleep were constantly being challenged to be redefined. “As above, so below”. The connection to the Earth is not only the soil under our feet but primarily the soil inside us. Our base, our structures, our beliefs, our starting point and nourishing capacity. Our roots! The 1st Conscious Gem in France was setting the base for what to come. Cherishing human growth at its own times. Supporting through love in action. Tusting in the beauty of the universal cycles of expansion and contraction. In the end, nothing could have been better than exactly how it happened!


To my beloved soul tribe, currently finding our inner calling and setting the paths that will bring us together for the second step of our Global Village!


Marco, Aliki, Julian, Mogens, Louise, Isak, Immane, Cat, Dani, Eva, Bea, Nathalie, Mauricio

And all the Conscious Gems that have been supporting us in visible and invisible ways.

May the game of life begin….