Passing the stone arc, the singing birds welcome you to the Permaculture Gem. French elegance, a touch of old and a sense of new surround the Chateau. Each of the 20 rooms hold 2 people sharing their life stories and future dreams, when they are back from the Permaculture fields or their laptops require no attention anymore. What we eat, what we drink and what we learn come directly from the land. We live celebrating the plow of connection of Human and Earth, planting the seeds of our growth one moment at a time.

As you pass under the stone arc of the gateway, abundant bird song welcomes you to the Permaculture Gem, the first site of the Conscious Gems web. French elegance, a touch of old and a sense of new surround the Chateau.


The indication was to onboard at the ship with only the basics. What your soul needs to cure has no weight anyhow. Stepping at the dock you know that you won’t be the same person when leaving this island in Sweden. Where water and earth come together, enhanced by the fire of human spirit and held by the wooden structures of nature and man, miracles can happen. Who would have imagined how connected you can feel on a tiny island in the middle of the sea, when the hearts around you hold the space for transformation.

Sri Lanka

In the curve of the road there is a building that attracts your attention… Different from the others seems like it is handmade with wood and passion. Your eyes follow the path of the hanging flowers until they reach green ponds of running water, colorful glass windows and wooden sculpture with magical entities. Then you know you are here! The Ayurveda Gem opens the doors to deep healing from herbs, nature, water and human dedication. It’s the path of the water, cleansing, purifying, refreshing and ever flowing.