1./ What is the official start date?

Between June 16th Check-In from 15:00 clock and June 20th 18:00 clock 


2./ What date do we have to leave by?

September 15th 13:00 or August 16th for Option 2 (after the PDC course)


3./ What are the expectations?

Full presence during the committed time in your group or the common schedule. We touch base 3 times per day with the whole team and allow everybody to shape the rest of the day according to the personal or group needs.


4./ Do we have to be there the full 3 months?

Option 1; yes for the full 3 month / Option 2; for 2 month including the PDC course 


5./ Can I pay monthly?

Yes, you can with the commitment of paying all 3 months and after coordinating with Aliki or Marco. Payments’ plan: 1st payment till June 1st / 2nd payment till Aug. 15th / 3rd payment till Sept. 15th


6./ Do we get a refund if we have to leave?

There will be NO refund if you arrive later than June 20th or you need to leave earlier than committed (Option 1; September 15th / Option 2; August 16th) – you commit for the time you have confirmed with your booking. 


7./ Are we allowed to travel outside of the chateau as we wish or are there rules?

We recommend you to stay at the Chateau for the first 14 days just for your own safety. After that time July 1st we will consider together how to travel outside if needed. 


8./ Can guests visit?

We will open the place to receive Guests or Trainers from July 1st depending on the restrictions in France and in our Department (Lot et Garonne). Any guest from outside will need to contact a member of the core team first to confirm details. In case of any overnight we need to agree on the room availability and cost. 


9./ I have a job, can I work on my own project? 

Of course! All schedules are respected and all individuals encouraged and supported to work in their higher purpose. The only requirement from CG is to be willing to participate and contribute with your gifts for the bigger CG project and your fellow beings’ well-being and evolution.


10./ How much time are we expected to work on CG per week?

We are prototyping a non-dualistic model of work & life in combination with radical self-reliance, suggesting each one of us to be responsible for their schedule and allow to feel the amount of contribution in any desired level and according to the personal gifts (cooking amazing food or washing the dishes is an equally important contribution for example).


11./ Do you accommodate people with allergies?

Generally yes, if we know the needed details in advance (if people need to bring their own food or material, treatment with them we encourage this and will integrate with the meal times as best we can) 


12./ Can we use the kitchen outside of regular hours of eating?

The main kitchen will be only used for the 3 meals during the day. We have a second kitchen to use for your own meal and storage of food or drinks. 


13./ Will we be sharing a schedule for preparing meals?

Sure, teams will self-organize for the best meals possible and a smooth dietary routine.


14./ Will there be a Chef?

The path of love in action allows us to have amazing food without needing to go back to the traditional hotel/guest models. We will cook in group‘s every other week.



15./ Are we expected to work for the Chateau?

Work force is needed from all of us to keep the Chateau nice and clean (own room, all shared rooms and public spaces including the pool area) – self management plan!! The Chateau is our beautiful home for the summer!


16./ Will I own 100% equity of my project?

There are three possibilities that apply in the CG incubator model, ventures that will emerge 100% from the summer period and will be owned 90% from the participants and 10% by CG as a thank you for the container that allowed them to emerge, projects that are already up and running from their owners and that we are happy to support with our network and love and invite their owners to devote a part of the profit shares to the CG organization if it feels right and the CG project itself, for which we are looking at 4 types of capital (financial, social, spiritual and intellectual) that form the equity and define the profit shares once we have passed the breakeven point. We invite you to co-create a model that includes us all in the long term CG plan!


17./ Are there planned activities and are they mandatory?

After July 1st if France and our Department will allow, we can start planning activities outside the Chateau. If not allowed by the French law, we need to keep rules according to what is required.


18./ Can I offer activities & workshops?

Of course! We would love the whole team to learn from each other’s wisdom and allow the gift economy to happen in action.


19./ What are the main goals for the 3 months?

The primary goal is to create a sacred home for all of us. On the bigger plan we are structuring all together the long term business plan of Conscious Gems, as the grid of regenerative communities forming our global village of harmony. Last but not least, we will be working on the theme of “Sacred Food”, through products, recipes and workshops that will allow our model to become financially profitable.