PDC Permaculture Course

with Mauricio Umann

PDC (Permaculture Design Course)

* August 1st (arrival day) till August 15th (departure day) 2020 at “La Belle Bio de Moncrabeau” South West France.
* Please take care of your own insurance during this time (accident, health)
* Please bring a copy of the insurance with you or your health card.
Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design Course with 72h Permaculture Design Certification

The Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design is a life-changing, experiential proposition addressed to every individual that is on a quest to serve the world or to deepen their knowledge and find new methods, tools and instruments to co-create a regenerative tomorrow.

Practical information
  • Dates: Course starts on August 1st and ends on August 15th.
  • Location: La ferme de Benoit, near Condom, Lot-et-Garonne, South West of France.
  • Pricing:
    Euro.1450:- for the full course with accommodation and food included.
    Euro.1085:- for the full course and food included. Bring your own tent.
    Euro. 840:- for the full course. No accommodation included, only lunch included.
  • Lead facilitator: Maurício Umann.
  • Language: Course will be held in English. French translator could be organized. 

Permaculture emphasizes the sustainability and cooperative support in all processes of life. This begins with the development of symbiotic plant communities and includes all life cycles in nature. Going further, permaculture includes sustainable energy procurement, sustainable building construction and sustainable community development.

The course

This course has been designed based on Bill Mollison’s International Permaculture Course curriculum. Through Maurício’s own experience and additional education, many missing dots are added. These include community building, deep ecology, personal transformation, mindfulness, design skills, project design, management tools and social tools. Permaculture Design Certified Course or PDC is a course modelled for 72 hours and addressing key themes and the core of Permaculture, according to its co-creator Bill Mollison. Maurício offers you over 100 hours of life-changing experience over the course of 16 days.

Learning outcomes

The Resilience and Regenerative Systems Design is an embodied learning journey, where the participants will get in touch, deepen their knowledge and develop themselves, community practices, purpose-driven leadership, collective intelligence, system thinking, resilience supportive tools, regenerative design, deep ecology, biomimicry, food production, transition, and much, much more.

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Observe patterns in nature and apply what you learn from them as guiding principles.
  • Use permaculture ethics and principles with a range of other design tools to create sustainable systems.
  • Understand the importance of caring for soil and water, and know techniques for doing so.
  • Start using permaculture in your personal and community life to create a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • Understand how to apply permaculture design to both land-based and non-land-based systems, around energy, buildings and communities.
  • Understand how to move towards a more ethical, sustainable and fulfilling livelihood.

The Permaculture Design Course (PDC) is an internationally-recognized, 72+-hour full design course resulting in a permaculture design certificate. The PDC serves as a foundation for further permaculture work and studies.

Day by Day Course Schedule 2020

About Teacher

Maurício Umann, aka MU, Man, seeker, father, industrial designer, Permaculture and Bioconstruction practitioner and educator, for the last 15 years MU has been making his pathway to a totally focused life in Permaculture. On 2011 he has made his transition from the workaholic urban businessman to the full time rural based Permaculturist and he is still here, building resilience.

MU is the co-founder and co-director of O Fojo | Permaculture – Integral Education Center, in central Portugal. At O Fojo, he co-created and put into practice the Permaculture Experiences Events with 23 editions, Permaculture Internships, Agriculture and Community Living Experience Program and the Experimental Bioconstruction Event Mãos na Terra, with 5 editions until the present time apart from many other Permaculture Intros and Full Certified courses.

Get your course here:

Full accommodation & Nutrition

1‘450 + 7.8% VAT

Full course incl. simple accommodation, all workshop material, Natural Vegetarian food (3 meals per day)

No accommodation , full nutrition

1'085 + 7.8% VAT

With out accommodation, but incl. all workshop material, Natural Vegetarian food (3 meals per day), Bring your own tent.

No accommodation, 1 meal only

840 + 7.8% VAT

Full course with all workshop material, with out accommodation, Lunch only included. (Natural Vegetarian food.)