Conscious GEMS Community co-living

June 16th till August 15th 2020

WE are the ones living the change NOW...



You are invited to immerse into a 2 month community experience in South-West France!

TOGETHER with 08 like-hearted pioneers in the areas of sustainable living, spiritual business and conscious use of the land we are co-creating new models for a meaningful life in harmony with nature!

Create with us the first type of conscious GEM* in France and five more in the near future around the world!




Located in a small hamlet, the Pourpre cottage is a house clad in wood with walls coated with lime and earth. Tastefully decorated, wooden floors, wooden beams and many picture windows for bright spaces, you will feel on vacation from the door.

Entirely built in healthy and ecological materials, self-sufficient in energy thanks to solar panels for electricity and hot water, and effectively insulated in cork from the outside under a natural wood cladding, Le Gîte Pourpre will guarantee you a healthy comfort in winter like summer…


What we eat, what we drink and what we learn come directly from the local land. We will share food and baking bread and see what remedies we can create from local botanicals.

We invite you to bring any gifts you have to share, music, play, practice and craft so that we can weave together a fabric of enrichment and fun. Personal work and projects will be supported and given space as we work together on establishing this idyllic chateau to be the first Location. The goal is its purchase with a stake for each member and investment that supports social innovation so that it becomes a permanently loved and available destination for activation.


We live celebrating the connection of Human and Earth, planting the seeds of our growth one moment at a time.

Guiding principles are; Integrity, Self growth, Freedom of expression, Alignment with patterns of nature, Co-creation

If you would like to join and participate in the conscious GEM vision please choose your level of comfortable stay from the accommodation option below, complete your registration and payment (buttons below) and get ready for meeting all of us in June!


~ The suggested weekly schedule. Everyone will have freedom to author their time as we co-create patterns that work for all. ~

Packing List

~ Please bring your unique gift; music, dance, song, instrument… etc. ~


○Please bring easy washable clothes (including for head) and sturdy shoes, since we will certainly want to spend time outdoors in the garden.

○ French adapter (220V)

○ Pens, notepads, and other stationery items

○ Any medication you need or taking

○ Loose and comfortable clothing (tops and trousers)

○ Warm clothing for cold days and evenings (jackets, sweaters, coats, socks)

○ Shoes – comfortable/ sturdy shoes and trainers

○ Rainproof jacket 

○ Swimsuit for pool and dipping into the Atlantic Sea

○ Towel and/or extra towel for the pool area

○ Organic toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste)

○ Sunscreen, 

○ Tick / insect repellent 


○ Favourite reads / books

○ Favourite foods and snacks to supplement the food provided on the Chateau

○ Favourite board games or fun group games

○ Torch

○ Sleeping bag and related equipment if you wish to sleep outdoor or in the Teepee.

○ Yoga mat and meditation cushion 

○ Favourite Tea or Coffee cup!

How to reach us

~ When there is will, there is a way! ~


The trip has 3 steps:

  • Bordeaux airport to Bordeaux city
  • Bordeaux city to Bergerac
  • We will pick you up from Bergerac yrain station, just text us your time of arrival

This is the best way… train ride from Bordeaux to Bergerac… closest station to the house!

*1hour 20 Minutes / from Euro. 10.- oneway

Bordeaux airport to Bordeaux city

*30min direct b

The souls behind the 1st Gem

Aliki Kostopoulou
Marco Steiger

Starting as an architect in large scale construction, Aliki is now passionate about people and location activations, focusing on shaping Conscious Gems, a destination grid for human upgrade, into a long term wonderland for spiritual business and life.

Today one of greatest passions of Marco is inspiring and supporting people in developing their projects, reconnecting with themselves and their dreams.

Mogens Clase
Louise Owall
Isak Joneborg

I come carrying abundance of love & high frequencies. My biggest passions in life is to connect & create with people, holistic health & overall development & growth. To be out in nature & to work with mother Gaia by planting is a great passion of mine.

I found the beauty in the holistic approach to life with yoga, meditation, mind work, nutritious diet, detox, fasting and all kinds of holistic healing. Today I’m a yoga teacher and mostly been living a detoxing and fasting lifestyle since. I am free from medications and never felt this good in my entire life.

Isak is an energetic guy from Sweden with a passion for nature. He is studying to become a psychologist and working part time as a web developer. He’s coming to France eager to learn! I’m bringing an open mind and know that there will be a lot of collective experience to learn from there.

Imane Khammari
Julian von Duffel

Imane is a pharmacist, with great attention for details. She has an appetite for new adventures and experiences. Food for her is pure pleasure. She has a curious and open mind.

I feel inspired to join to be able create a flow with like minded people, the project is quite free to develop to my understanding. I am doing a Sabbatical this year and feel a strong synchronicity of energy and furthermore is it all about to connect and duality instead of singularity in these new times. I am going with my “gut” feeling and the plan not to plan to much.