About Conscious Gems


Conscious Gems is a visionary project for a planetary grid of locations dedicated to the rooted rising of consciousness; mindful, heartful evolution of self to enhance relationships with others and Earth.

A network for the regenerative renaissance that is emerging, a culture with local roots and global sensibilities founded on healing and regeneration. 


The true Gems are the people shaping themselves and each other to shine in their own unique ways. 

This becomes possible in intentional vessels for shared practice and living – these are the locations or nodes. 

3 Vessels: 

1./ Activation – Activation sites generally near or surrounded by water are dedicated to personal activation through ritual and ceremony. These are places energised by the earth, sacred sites that have the power to liberate and upgrade people to pursue fulfillment of their life purpose. 

2./ Co-living – Self sufficient sites for communal living and work that sustain permanent stewards as well as Promadic travellers, the progressive and professional nomads seeking to explore and restore the world.

3./ Business – These sites are in urban locations, the interface with the old world for the release and dispersal of business as unusual! Incubators and accelerators for regenerative enterprises that nourish the world.


Members of the movement have the opportunity to invest in the network and thus have access to the vessels and communities enabling them to continue their self growth while sharing their purpose and projects with the world.

We get inspiration from sacred economics, focusing in the exchange of all four forms of Capital people contribute recognising that all are equally essential for human evolution.

4 Capitals:

A./ Financial: Capital in the form of money contributed as membership, investment and endorsement.

B./ Social: Bringing networks and the ability to influence, broadcast and call on collective intelligence.

C./ Intellectual: all forms of developed experience into expertise – skills both hard and soft.

D./ Spiritual: All modalities used for Activation and Healing; Shamans,Healers  and initiated practitioners of many traditions.


To rise as conscious GEMS in these beautiful vessels we remain rooted through five main modalities. 

All practices and traditions are welcome, we believe in unity through diversity.

5 Modalities:

I./ Healing (With growth comes healing in many forms, spiritual, energetic and physical)

II./ Ceremony (Ritual and ceremony for the active embodiment of knowledge and group resonance)

III./ Meditation (Meditations of focus and awareness, active and passive from all traditions)

IV./ Music & Art (Creative expression and play are essential for the celebration of life)

V./ Workshops (Sharing expertise, wisdom and skills with each other in the form of workshops to explore and learn)


Our species has gone through an explosive expansion, separation and flying away from each other, it’s passed its peak, we are now falling back together.

Allowing gravity and maturity to pull us back to our essential center, falling back in love with ourselves, each other this beautiful living planet. 

Creating together, reconnecting a new energy and paradigm that values being more than having, linking more than ranking, purpose before profit and regeneration more than consumption. We create vessels that they may fill with gems of consciousness.

Be One of Us