4 capitals

We are coming together to…

…Re-learn how nature circulates the 4 elements (soil, air, water, sunlight) to sustain balance.

…Dive deeper into the understanding of the 4 bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and their role in life.

…Prototype new models of exchanging resources between the 4 capitals (financial, intellectual, social, spiritual).

“Learn from nature, apply in business.”

4 elements re-examined

During the hackathon we connect  the local community to global initiatives on a hands-on holistic system that unites us all and enables free flow of resources between different people and initiatives.

“Together we are abundant.”

4 bodies re-approached

“Unique Location – Unique Talents

People from all over the world are bringing their unique talents here to the south-west of Portugal. We are in a melting-pot where high-tech know-how meets natural knowledge.

We invite you to join us in an effort to use this opportunity to co-create holistic business models by facilitating resource inventories, brainstorming and networking we aim to create a foundation for economic growth and regeneration to the area.”

Mikael Ananda Cromsjö creator of the Fractal Circles

4 capitals re-exchanged

We are the warriors of the 4 elements. 

A global tribe, now organizing ourselves g-locally to be of real service to the land.

We get trained to work in collaboration with nature and the 4 elements.

We apply in the local community sophisticated global tools to enable local problem solving.

We live in the present, being in service for the higher good.

We create beauty on the way.

We have fun in the process!