Imagine collapsing the work life balance and living in flow…

Imagine living in community for this collective project – Co-creating a grid of restorative destinations and all the while incubating your own unique purpose, nourished by a diverse collective heart-mind.

Conscious Gems is a global initiative to unite community life and conscious business acceleration. 

Personal healing and purpose running on a grid of energetically activated locations.

Consider an Advance in living rather than a Retreat in life.


Eyes on the planet.

Guidance from spirit.

Practice from the heart.

Vision June 2025

With locations in all 7 continents, members who live exclusively in our locations and more than 100 conscious business projects launched after our mastermind gatherings, Conscious Gems is more than a destination, it is the global home! 

We invite the world to dream into human connection, blissful tech, balanced nature and a humanity that thrives above its challenges.

Despite our human fears and doubts, when spirit is our guide, imagination our game and creation our reward, life can become the miracle that IS! Every detail is looked upon with love, every challenge with understanding and every person as the Conscious Gems they truly are!


Unique Location – Unique Talents

People from all over the world are bringing their unique talents here to the south-west of Portugal. We are in a melting-pot where high-tech know-how meets natural knowledge.

We invite you to join us in an effort to use this opportunity to co-create holistic business models by facilitating resource inventories, brainstorming and networking we aim to create a foundation for economic growth and regeneration to the area.


Event type: Co-created training & CRM Hackathon

Location: Carrapateira, South West Portugal

Date: 12-26/02/2021


“I came as a different person and I am leaving as a different one…”


Mindful Experience GmbH